Saint-Venant and Navier-Stokes Models for Tsunami

Principia’s paper has been published online in Journal of Shipping and Ocean Engineering (JSOE). Volume 9, Number 1, 2019 of JSOE.

Camille Journeau, Kévin Pons and Richard Marcer /Principia, 13705, La Ciotat, France

Abstract: Into the frame of the French TANDEM project (Tsunamis in the Atlantic and the English ChaNnel: Definition of the Effects through numerical Modelling) Principia has been working on the development and qualification of two in-house CFD software: the 2D EOLE-SV (Saint-Venant) model for simulation of large scale tsunami propagation from the source up to coastal scale and the 3D EOLE-NS (Navier-Stokes) model dedicated to tsunami coastal impact modelling. This paper presents a large range of test cases carried out into the frame of the project and dedicated to the validation of numerical codes in various tsunami wave conditions. The main aspects of phenomena such as wave generation, propagation and coastal impact are investigated on academic situations. A real case simulation is concerned as well, the devastating 2011 Tohoku event which is compared with in-situ data.