Risk analysis studies


PRINCIPIA can deliver vulnerability analysis in different domains such as:

  • Seismic structural response

Different numerical methods are used to evaluate structural response within seismic hazard areas.
Main references are in the Nuclear (Post-Fukushima) and Defense domains (harbor facilities such as cranes, workshops, buildings, …)

  • Crash / Impact :

Large deformation analysis (LS-DYNA) structure/structure and also structure/fluid
Main references are in Nuclear (waste handling), Marine-OffShore (boat/boat, boat/fixed structure,   .),

  • Explosion (blast, underwater)

Structural response both under blast effect (LS DYNA) and underwater explosion (USA)
Shock wave propagation due to explosion – TNT, oil slick, nuclear plant – and impact on onshore structures and vessels (FLUENT)
Main references are in Nuclear, Marine-OffShore and Defense

  • Accidental dropped object :

Damage evaluated either from dropped objects or from receiving structures.
Main references are for lifting operations in Nuclear, Industry and Marine/OffShore
Regarding Marine/OffShore, we also qualify dropped objects from deck structure to sea-bed.

  • 3D thermic / thermohydraulic (FLUENT, STARCCM+, EOLE)

Engines room of nuclear plants
Nuclear propulsion

  • Tank safety :

Qualification of wave effects due to failure of tank containment: pressure loads on bund walls, overflowing above the walls, flooding of external environment, mitigation of wave effects with the use of protection devices.

PRINCIPIA relies on its core expertise in CFD and advanced knowledge of 3D free