Floating Offshore Wind Boom is coming?

No doubt about that when seeing the success of our DeepLines Wind Software on-line Trainings in April / May, gathering +25 companies and 40 people.

Next session planned in July with same conditions:

·         4 days on-line training

·         2 hours a day training session

·         Access to DeepLines Wind Hotline for any technical queries between sessions

·         400 Euros per person

·         6 months free access to a DeepLines Wind license for all attendees*

Registration & Specific Conditions:  Please contact directly Benoit Chassé

Phone : +334 42 98 11 80

About DeepLines Wind®:

·         Unique solution for FOWT Integrated Load Analyses

·         Used by #BUREAUVERITAS and #ABSGROUP for FOWT projects certification

·         Covering all project phases (T&I analyses, operating conditions…)

·         Modeling of complete system (floater, turbine and controller, mooring, power cable)

·         CLOUD solution

·         Software Developed by PRINCIPIA and IFP EN.


·         Leading consultancy and engineering company in the floating wind market

·         Extensive project references focused on design of mooring system, floater, dynamic cable

·         Support for project development: Site conditions analysis, yield energy assessment, screening of technologies

 * For new customer only

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