Structural analysis

Linear and non-linear behaviors: plasticity, buckling, contact

Our teams have a solid background in complex analyses and are able to assess and model material plasticity, contact issues and linear or non-linear buckling.

Metallic, plastic and composite materials

Principia structural expertise embraces a large field of materials. We are able to assess structural behavior of metallic, plastic or composite structures, and include material specificity in our Finite Elements Analyses.

Multi-scale (micro/macro) and homogenization

Our structural experts have the ability to simulate material behavior either at macrostructure or at microstructure scale; and of course combine both in the same model.

Fatigue life assessment of steel and elastomeric components

Principia structural engineering team has a strong background in fatigue analysis. Both deterministic and spectral approach can be developed.

Failure and crack propagation

Failure and crack propagation are key issues for structures integrity. Our structural expertise extends also to ECA (Engineering Critical Assessment), either by analytical calculations or by finite elements analysis.

Dynamic vibratory

Seismic assessment is compulsory in numerous studies (nuclear, harbor cranes,…). We provide skills, simulation knowledge & means, in order to tackle those issues. Our teams are also able to deal with various dynamic vibratory studies for specific structures (submarine items for instance)

Fast dynamics

Collisions and drop objects are common issues in Naval, Offshore & Nuclear industries. Our teams have a strong knowledge of assessment methodologies and related finite elements analyses

Coupling with fluid and thermal effects response

Principia teams can handle complex coupled studies, in which fluid and thermal impacts have to be taken into account. Computational Fluid Dynamics is one of our expertise fields and commonly combined with other types of loading in our analyses