Fluid dynamic analysis

Principia presents a high level of expertise in CFD built on 25 years of experience in the domain. The skills and capabilities of Principia’s CFD Group are briefly summarised hereafter:

  • Strong track record, having performed a very large panel of 3D CFD simulations to meet the needs of various industrial sectors (Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Nuclear, Defence, Naval, Civil) using the CFD softwares FLUENT, CFX, STARCCM+ and EOLE.
  • Extensive experience using in-house CFD code (EOLE) that has been developed over 25 years, mainly for specific and complex applications.
  • Development of optimized numerical methods to address complex physics such as multiphase flows, cavitation, free surface, mass/thermal transfer, compressible flow (low and high Mach), fluid/solid thermal coupling, fluid/structure coupling, etc.
  • A group of about ten engineers including an international expert (>25 years experience), 3 senior engineers (>10 years experience) and PhD’s.