Principia and LIC Float into a Coupled Future



Principia and LIC have launched a joint initiative, combining the complementary skillsets and geographical locations of both companies to offer the best global solutions possible for their clients.

Having worked together on a number of successful projects over the last few years, the decision was taken to make the arrangement more formal, and FOWT 2018 in Marseilles was the perfect event to share this with the wider wind community.

Complementary Capabilities

LIC has an exceptional track record of detailed design for jacket and monopile structures; Principia are pioneers within the field of floating wind. LIC has developed in-house software for the efficient analysis of monopiles; Principia have pioneered fully-coupled aero-elastic modelling techniques for both fixed and floating structures.  To cap it all off, even their geographical areas are in sync: LIC have offices in Denmark and the UK, with strategic partnerships in the USA, whilst Principia has teams across Southern Europe and in Malaysia.  Between the two companies, we can cover any wind project, anywhere.

Luke Fussell, Deputy Head of LIC’s UK team said, “This is a really exciting time for LIC and Principia. We’ve already done some great work together and know each other really well, so I’m looking forward to exploring what new opportunities are out there.  With LIC’s practical design experience and Principia’s forward-looking coupled analysis and floating design work I’m confident we can make some huge LCoE savings for our clients.”

Speaking about the two companies’ global presence, Benoit Chassé, Business Development and Project Manager for Principia, said,” This strong combination of skills for both fixed and floating offshore wind technologies, combined with a geographical presence covering Europe but also the US and Asia, makes this new adventure with LIC a promising future for both companies. I’m very happy to see this new global engineering offer announced  during FOWT 2018, we have exciting time ahead” |