CIEL & TERRE and PRINCIPIA join forces on floating solar technology

CIEL & TERRE and PRINCIPIA have entered into a collaboration agreement to further develop Ciel & Terre’s leading floating solar platform systems, supported by PRINCIPIA strong technical background in the offshore renewable energy industry.

PV floating platform: Competitive LCoE and Top Class Certification

CIEL & TERRE has an outstanding track record of floating solar platforms deployed all over the world with over 300 MW installed; PRINCIPIA is a leader on engineering and design of floating foundations for PV and Wind Offshore industry. CIEL & TERRE has entered into the ultimate phase of certification of their floating platforms to tender on very large projects predicted by an exceptional development of the floating solar market. PRINCIPIA’s support will contribute into accelerating the development of this specific product by putting together 30 years’ experience in mooring system, floating offshore structure and cable design, in addition to a strong knowledge of coupled hydro-aero mechanical system and associated modelling and design challenges.


Benoit Chassé, Business Development and Project Manager for PRINCIPIA said, “Floating solar market is about to become huge in the years to come, this is a really exciting time for Ciel & Terre.  I am looking forward to supporting CIEL & TERRE floating platform development and be ready for giant floating projects to come. We have seen in the past, especially in the offshore wind industry, that an integrated wind and wave design approach could bring cost down by removing unnecessary conservatism.  I am very confident that floating solar farms will also benefit from this innovative design approach with significant cost savings”.

Speaking about the two companies’ joint perspective, Olivier Philippart, Project & Engineering Director for CIEL & TERRE, said, “Floating Solar projects are becoming more and more challenging in terms of size but also in terms of environmental conditions. We see huge projects materialising on hydro-dams and coastal areas where combined efforts of wind and waves will be comparable to those experienced offshore. Partnering with PRINCIPIA is for us the opportunity to benefit from their experience in designing cost-effective solutions in such environments”