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In 2019 and 2020, 100% of our participants consider our training relevant at work


95% of our participants recommend our training

Our commitment

Principia offers in-company training to Oil & Gas professionals. Our training capabilities in these areas are based on over 20 years of engineering and research and development experience, working closely with companies, entrepreneurs, consulting firms and universities. We are committed to developing the practical skills of the participants and to providing the best possible training experience, as we believe that applicable knowledge is one of the key factors needed to cope with the rapid evolution of this industrial sector. The training of engineering teams is an integral part of our capabilities. We can offer training solutions that ensure consistent learning for all participants in your business. All trainings are delivered by experienced trainers who share a common enthusiasm for imparting knowledge.

Practical knowledge:

We offer training where learning builds on practical knowledge that can be immediately applied to your projects. Our engineering courses include design exercises and real-world case studies, allowing participants to directly apply the knowledge gained. We consider practice and self-correction to be essential elements of our teaching approach.

Team Training :

Organizing training to train several members of a team can be the most relevant way to prepare for a new project or for a technology migration. We can appoint a trainer in your establishment, or you can organize a training session in one of our offices. We offer both company courses and public courses open to several companies. In-company courses can be scheduled at your convenience and take place on your company’s premises or in a third place.

Tailor-made training :

Our training sessions cover a range of engineering topics related to underwater and offshore structures and renewable energies. In the event that these sessions do not perfectly match your requirements, we can help you by assessing your specific training needs and then setting up a tailor-made training program.

3 levels adapted to your objectives :

Our training courses are designed for multiple audiences and are characterized by three levels. The Introduction level offers general awareness and is ideal for people wishing to discover the subject as a whole. The Intermediate level provides technical details as well as practical exercises and is ideal for engineers wishing to acquire basic skills. The Advanced level provides comprehensive technical details as well as practical exercises and is ideal for engineers with pre-existing experience on the subject of the course.

Our training includes engineering modules, software modules and complementary practical workshops to meet the demands of professionals in Oil & Gas and marine renewable energies.




Our engineering modules :

Engineering training modules provide an overview of the subject as well as technical details of current design methods and industry practices. These modules can be easily combined with our software modules to gain hands-on experience and maximize knowledge development.

Our software modules :

The software training modules aim to make participants competent in the use of our design software. These software cover areas such as risers, cables, pipelines with DeepLines™, hydrodynamics and sea-keeping with Diodore™ and floating offshore structures with DeeplinesWind™.

Our trainers : 

Our trainers are all Principia engineers with extensive experience in their fields of activity and a strong knowledge of current industry practices. This ensures that a solid level of technical knowledge is provided to the participants and that they are able to answer their questions correctly. Our software trainers work closely with members of the software development team and thus master the capabilities of the software they teach. They are also in charge of the internal training of our engineers and are used to helping them get the most out of the software.

Our training rooms:

The training given in our premises is in dedicated rooms, equipped with all the necessary equipment (PC, video system) to ensure the best learning experience.


Training courses list: