NSO Fastrudl

FEA tool for Offshore and Marine applications

FASTRUDL/NSOTM (New STRUDL Offshore) is a finite element analysis software designed for engineers and professional people employed in a wide variety of application areas in many industries, with particular emphasis on Marine and Offshore structures.
FASTRUDL/NSOTM is constantly improved to meet the needs of the industry in accurately qualifying the strength of structures through computer simulations.
FASTRUDL/NSOTM originated from the integration of FASTRUDL, developed by Principia from the IUG’s (Ices User’s Group) version of STRUDL, with BV-STRUDL, developed by Bureau Veritas/C.Briwand from the IBM version of STRUDL, both derived from the original Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)’s STRUDL-II program. The MIT version resulted from the Integrated Civil Engineering System (ICES) project, initiated by professor C.L.Miller, former head of the Department of Civil Engineering, MIT.


Interactive Systeme for MOdeling of STructures

ISYMOST is designed to help engineers managing the analysis of structures. It offers modelling, pre- and post-processing for various calculations programs. ISYMOST can handle simple or very complex models thanks to its data management system.

Recent developments have improved dramatically the interface, making ISYMOST learning curves even shorter. The new interface combined to its long-known powerful macro-programming capabilities makes ISYMOST easy-to-use yet productive software.