Values charter


Fighting against any form of corruption and bribery, whether active, passive, public or private;  Avoiding any situation of conflict between personal interests and the ones of the Group; Communicating in good faith with our clients, partners, subcontractors and suppliers, in a constructive spirit.


Fighting against any kind of discrimination (whether based on religion, gender, age, nationality, culture…) among the employees of the Group, its applicants, its suppliers and subcontractors; Encouraging diversity and defending equal opportunities.


For the people of the Group, for its clients, suppliers and partners;
For applicable laws, regulations and norms;
For cultural differences and local specificities of the territories in which the Group operates;
For  the  environment,  by  reducing  the  impact  of  our  activities  and  by  proposing  to  our  clients environmentally friendly solutions.


Of  our  employees,  by  notably  providing  them  with  a  safe  and  suitable  professional  working environment;
Of sensitive data of the Group, of its know-how and assets;
Of the reputation of the Group.